Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Last night, during our "God Blesses" JR started a discussion about his friends (first he said he didn't have any, then he went on to list a whole bunch of friends). After going through the boys in his class (14 of 16 3 year olds are boys), he named his friend Lena, then added, "Lily's her best friend." I said "Oh, Lily is Lena's best friend?" JR: "Yes, I know 'cause I love her." Me: "Oh, you love Lily?" JR, in his totally exasperated, how can you be so dumb Mom tone: "No, Mom, I love Lena."

Cracks me up.

I'm also trying to write out party invitations for his birthday. I thought I pretty much knew who JR's school friends were. He only ever talks about Lena, Evyn, Conor, Zeke and Izzy. This morning I ask him who he wants to invite to his party and guess what he says? "Isaac Pumpkin, Alexander and Roman" What???!!! Oh,and then he adds "And Isaac is a pumpkin, Mom."

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