Friday, May 13, 2005

The sleepcrawler

JR sleeps in a toddler bed, with super-cool Bob the Builder sheets. Tonight, for the second time ever, he managed to fall out of the bed (it has a bedrail) and get himself trapped underneath the bed. The bed is only about 6" off the ground.

The first time was terrifying as he woke me out of a deep sleep crying "Lift it Up! Lift it Up!" When I first walked into his room, I couldn't even find him, he was so far under the bed. When I figured it out, I did indeed have to lift the mattress off the bed to get him out from under it.

This time, he'd only managed to get his head and shoulders underneath, so he was a bit easier to extricate.

Once I calmed him down and wiped away his tears, he crawled right back into the toddler bed. At no point during either this incident or the first one, did he open his eyes.
He has no memory of the first incident, either, thank G-d, as I was frankly quite traumatized and thought we'd be including this in therapy bills for years.

So my son doesn't sleep walk, he sleep crawls.

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