Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Squeezing another 5 hours out of life

Beginning next Monday, I will not be spending 5 hours of my day just getting to work. In fact, it looks like my total commute (to and from work) should be under one hour. So I"ve been contemplating what I can do with all that time.

Five hours commuting becomes one hour commuting. So in truth, I'm gaining four hours.
Two hours will be those precious hours between 4:00 a.m. when my alarm currently goes off and 6:00 a.m. when my alarm will be going off. Those two hours will be spent sleeping. Ah, sleep. It feels so indulgent.

What to do with the next two hours:

Read to JR. (Well, we never gave that up. Right now we're in the middle of "Harriet the Spy").
Have JR read to me. Play the math games that the teacher sent home for the summer. Practice piano with JR. Teach him to ride his bike without training wheels. Take evening walks to get water ice. Chat with the neighbors while he runs around the bocce court with his buddies (okay, we are still doing that, but at least now I should be able to chat without the little voice chanting in the back of my mind "You need to go to bed. You're exhausted.") Have a catch.

Weed my garden. Harvest the kale. Plant some late summer beans. Weed my common area assignment. Have a beer in the garden with the neighbors.

Do the laundry. Fold the clothes. Catch up on my DVR'd programs while folding clothes. "Saving Grace" "The Closer" "Cold Case" Await the start of the next season of "Project Runway"

Cook dinner. Plan the week's menus. Shop the farmer's markets. Make ice cream.

Pay the bills. File away the papers. Get the tax stuff in order before April 10.

Clean out the closets. Get rid of the stuff Joseph and I have outgrown. Get rid of the stuff that no longer fits the newly skinny SuperDad. Flylady

Realize that even when one adds 4 hours into one's day, there is still just not enough time.

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