Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Keeping the Mommy Guilt Monster from Rearing Its Ugly Head

The Mommy Guilt Monster usually resides deep, deep in my psychic closet. I know it's always there - I don't think I know a mom who doesn't have the monster hiding somewhere. For me, the monster started to grow once I went back to work full-time and it's been getting bigger and louder ever since June when I got my new job. I keep a lid on it though, because this is the job for which I've waited years. I tell myself that I'm teaching my son a great lesson about who women can be in the world. I tell myself that the silver lining to the long commute that came with the job is that JR's dad, who was always SuperDad, has gotten the chance to play whole new roles in the family - the morning organizer, the chef. I tell myself that I'm there for the important things - dinner, piano practice, story reading, bedtime. Of course, though, it's one of the rare nights where I'm not home (having stayed to work late), that we get the call from JR's teacher who wants to have the serious chat about school and reading and all those things that I should be right on top of - if I were a better mom.

JR's dad took the call - and then I called the teacher, too. So we're all on top of the situation. We're all working together.

Now I just have to convince Mommy Guilt Monster to get back into the closet.

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