Friday, December 26, 2008

Forgetful Santa

Santa tend to use the back of our basement to store presents before Christmas Eve. It works well because our basement in general is not very inviting and the back basement just begs for the people from Clean House to come in and rescue it.
This afternoon, while searching for another game that Joseph and I could play while tending the bolognese sauce, I realized that Santa had forgotten to deliver 2 presents (a board game and a globe) and that they were still hiding in the back basement - for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW!
Yes, Santa forgot them last year, we discussed it and decided to save them for his birthday, forgot again and put them on Santa's list for this year. We purposely didn't buy much for JR because we knew we had 2 presents from last year. I also moved them, so they'd be near the other presents and not forgotten.
The question is - what do I do with these presents? Although Santa did produce the 3 items on JR's list, he really did not get much. So I'd love to figure out a way to deliver them without running into any questions about Santa. We've had lots of questions this year - none really challenging the basic truth of Santa - more mechanics and logistics.

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