Thursday, October 23, 2008

Leaving the Office for Lunch

In this new job I tend to work through lunch, eating at my desk, or if I've spent the day in hearings, not eating at all. In part, this is because I no longer have the office lunch buddies that I had in my old job, and in part, it's because the learning curve here is steep and the workload daunting.
But today, having spent a productive morning and still in the glow of having my team win the first game of the World Series, I decided to take a walk at lunch. So I wandered to the other side of Chinatown and found a cozy French cafe where I had a delicious veggie omelet and mixed greens, and irresistible fries while I read my book. Walking back, at the intersection of Centre and Canal, I saw a gentleman blowing bubbles. He had one of those plastic machines that shoots a steady stream of bubbles. He wasn't promoting a store or anything. Just blowing bubbles. Making people smile. On the other side of the street, as I crossed, there was another man, more disheveled, standing in the city trash can. Just standing there. No one smiling. Happy. Sad. New York - the perfect microcosm.

I think I need to get out more.

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Sally Big Woods said...

Hey Toddler's Mom! Thanks for the comment. I didn't realize you were working in NYC now.

I'll have to blog more about my appreciation of St John the Baptist. But in a nutshell, I love that he was so fervent in his belief, but "knew his place." He was a wildman, living in harmony with nature, on the fringe. The graphic representations of him, in icons esp, are so much more active and striking than images of other saints. His "fore-runner" status makes him seem much more active, alive, and real to me than some of the more sedate, calm saints.

The whole fact that SJtB was related by blood to Jesus is interesting. And that his mom was so old when she became pregnant. And when you look at the liturgical year, that the "6 month age difference" between SJtB and Jesus is a PERFECT overlay of the pagan beliefs about the "baby New Year" and "Sacrificial Mid-Summer Green Man." It's just a fascinating bunch of ideas. And then you have the beheading at Salome's behest. So much meaning to sift through.

anyways, you've got me started on another blog post here!