Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or Treat

We had a great Halloween. It has never been my favorite holiday (not
that I disliked it, but it just never ranked with Christmas or Easter
or birthday), but this year's was almost perfect.

JR's school had a costume parade and assembly in the morning, which
Dad attended. I picked JR up early from school and we rushed home
to get some dinner in our bellies before suiting up for trick or
treat. JR was, of course, Harry Potter and the little girl across the street (6)
was Hermione Granger. Trick or treating started promptly at 6:00.
The participating families in the neighborhood had jack-o-lanterns lit
and were sitting on their front stoops with bowls of candy. Harry Potter
and I went out with Hermione, her dad and her little brother (Yoda).
We then picked up another even littler guy who lives on the block (Dash Incredible)
and hit the streets. We covered about 4 blocks adjacent to ours in an
hour. Then we headed home, emptied out the bulging bags of candy,
dropped Dash off with his mom and put Yoda into a stroller, so that we
could walk a few blocks over to a neighboring street that hosts a block
party (families not only hand out candy, but have little activity
stands at their houses with Halloween themed arts and crafts or
games). Harry Potter made a bracelet with colored sand, successfully
guessed which of the three moving cups held the candy, visited with
the Indian in the Tepee, and guessed the number of gumballs in a jar,
but drew the line at bobbing for apples, lest he mess up the painted
scar on his forehead. We connected with a few more friends, oohed and
ahhed over a few more costumes and hightailed it home to drive over to
Aunt J's house, where JR's grandmother was holding down the fort.
By the time we got there, though, JR was no longer Harry Potter, having removed his costume, so Memom did not get to see him dressed up. His older cousins were
also out for the night, so we missed them too. (This annual mandatory
trip to my SIL's is one of my Halloween pet peeves, but the rest of
the day was so fun, I'm letting it go).

My favorite costume (which I heard about but did not see) was dreamed
up by my co-worker's 9-y.o. son. He dressed as "Every Kid's Worst


Co-worker dad said the neighbors loved it.

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