Monday, November 12, 2007

The Buddies

One of the most reassuring part of kindergarten has been how quickly our shy little boy has found a new group of friends to play with at school. We were worried about this, as he only knew one of his new classmates from nursery school and the majority of his kindergarten class had been together in pre-K.
It quickly became clear that he has been embraced by a core group of little boys in his class. They share an interest in paper airplanes, sports and playing "chase the girls" in the playground. JR refers to them collectively as "the buddies."
"Mom, the buddies made a fort in the playground today and no one could find us."
"Mom, the buddies were playing chase the girls and R (boy, not one of the buddies) was on the girls side."
"Mom, H brought in 4 bionicles so that there was one for each of the buddies."
"Mom, I don't want peanut butter in my lunch because some of the buddies are allergic."

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Anonymous said...

How do you grow him so cute!
xo NK