Friday, March 02, 2007

Rule of Parenting

Making JR's lunch takes 5 minutes if I make it the night before.

Making JR's lunch takes 30 minutes if, after an evening of beer and chili with friends, we come home and fall on the couch to watch "Miracle Idol" and then stagger upstairs to put JR to bed and never make it back downstairs until the next morning, when we're running late because the alarm didn't go off, JR has not yet picked out his outfit for the day and he's just discovered GoogleEarth on the computer, so that when we finally arrive in the kitchen to eat breakfast, we remember that we never made his lunch last night.

Corollary to Rule: It is on the days when we are running impossibly late and it has taken 30 minutes to make JR's lunch so that he is the last to arrive at preschool rather than the first or second, as is our usual routine, that I will be halfway to work when I discover that I left my wallet in my other coat.

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karrelaw said...

Could be worse - you could be in Japan. I would so love to have someone lovingly prepare me a bento box of attractive, nutritious and creative foods every day, but if I had to be the mom doing that every day I would sink into despair.....
Best wishes for future lunches-of-ease....