Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Nature vs. Nurture

One of the fascinations of adoption is discovering the mix of biological and nonbiological determinants that make up JR. His affection for all things athletic; well we know that's biologically determined because it surely doesn't come from us. Then again, sometimes what he "inherits" from us is completely befuddling. I understand his penchant for newspapers, since his Daddy is never without at least one in his hands. But how to explain his system for getting dressed in the morning?

I admit to a few obsessive personality traits. Mostly, they are exhibited as a need to organize items. So my friends may laugh at me, but I just like to listen to my CD's alphabetically. I have also confessed to a few friends that I have my closet organized and each morning I just pull out the next item in line and wear it. It removes the challenge of making a decision before I'm wholly awake. I haven't told many people about this, maybe not even JR's dad. I certainly have never mentioned it to JR.

So how do we explain this morning?

JR was in his closet, picking out a shirt to wear with his sweatpants to preschool. The first shirt he picked out didn't match the sweatpants. I suggested he choose another shirt.
"But Mom," he protested. "This shirt is the next in line."

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