Sunday, November 19, 2006

Just when you think they're not listening

On most Sundays we take JR to a church that offers a really nice children's liturgy. We do this even though I'm never sure that he's getting anything out of it. He squirms, he fidgets, he refuses to sit on the carpet with the other kids and clings to my leg or buries his head in my lap. When he's not buried, he's wreaking havoc with his best buddy E, who also goes to the children's liturgy. I know E's mom is thinking evil thoughts, too, since JR just eggs on her daughter, who I'm sure is perfectly well-behaved when we're not there.
This morning, the lesson was all about how everything is temporary (moon, sun, stars, leaves, clouds) except for love, which is everywhere and eternal. The lesson was nicely done, and in the extra time before we rejoined the congregation, the teacher attempted a prayer of the faithful. Kids volunteered the stuff they wanted to pray for - a sick pet, a friend, a new train, light bulbs (yes, light bulbs). JR raised his hand. Usually, even if he screws up the courage to raise his hand, he won't volunteer anything when called upon. Today, he raised his arm. He was called upon. He spoke up. "Pray for Love." The teacher beamed. "At least someone got the message."

Later today, we were at friends for our monthly potluck dinner. JR was the only child present. The adults were debating some important topic (role of religion in social change? politics and celebrities?). JR was behind my chair, playing with his cars. His dad starts into a complicated discussion about the Big Bang Theory and time moving backwards. JR whispers to me "Mom, why did the bunny throw the alarm clock out the window?" "Why, honey?" "He wanted to see time fly."

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