Thursday, December 08, 2005

Year In Review Meme

Like my friend Water Owl, let's see what my year in review looks like (posting the first line of each month's entries):
Of course, before April, this blog did not exist.

April: This is my second post, although it appears as my first, because the first post wandered off into outerinternetspace.
May: There we were, walking down the street, when this little voice pipes up from the stroller. "Mommy, why is the library out of money?"
June: We are baseball obsessed in this house (well, JR is baseball obsessed) and today was the first Phillies game of the season.
July: We're in toddler illness world, again. August: It's happening. After all my anxiety about whether JR would end up being the first ever child to enter kindergarten in diapers, he suddenly became interested in using the potty and wearing underpants.
October: Every year, we have to update the Consulate of Kazakhstan on JR.
November:Our third Halloween has come and gone.
December: The scariest hidden monster for us as parents may be the monster that hides in our child's sleeping brain.

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