Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Riding the Birthday Party Circuit

I know that there are parenting types out there who lament today's world of competitive birthday parties. There are experts who advise not to invite more friends to your child's party than the child's age. I have a confession - I am not one of those parents. I love birthday parties. Small parties, big parties. Parties in kid's homes, parties at playgrounds, parties at gyms and those toddler activity places where kids create their own stuffed bear or make puppets and stage puppet shows or sing and dance to silly tunes. JR always seems to have fun, even when the party is for a child who is not in his usual posse, but has the distinction of being the child of one of Mom or Dad's friends. We have done the house party. We have done the "go someplace else" party. Living in the city, space is at a premium, so the "go someplace else" party often wins out among the parents in our circle.

The bottom line for me: JR has fun. His dad and I may even have an opportunity to engage in real adult conversation with other real adults while JR is temporarily distracted by bathing his new teddybear. We all eat pizza and cake and sometimes even ice cream.

What more could one ask for from life?

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