Sunday, August 07, 2005

Potty Training

It's happening. After all my anxiety about whether JR would end up being the first ever child to enter kindergarten in diapers, he suddenly became interested in using the potty and wearing underpants.

Okay, I pushed things a bit last Friday - made him start the day by going to the potty, pushed him a bit to wear underwear - but we didn't have the usual temper tantrum and he went along with the program.

So, after 2 weekends (and all evenings after school but before bedtime) in "big boy pants" we rewarded JR with a trip to see the Phillies. He was so-o-o excited. He chose to wear underpants (not training pants, either, but his real honest-to-goodness Bob the Builder underpants). He accompanied Dad to the Men's Room, went in the urinal just like Dad. Twice! No accidents, despite the initial excitement and the later meltdown (after no nap, 7-1/2 innings of hot sun, ingesting a hot dog, cotton candy and soft ice cream, and being denied a Phillies Phanatic doll).

Maybe tomorrow he'll even eschew diapers at daycare.

I am so proud of our little guy.