Thursday, July 28, 2005

Baby Pictures

Before JR arrived, we had a cheapo VCR player. For Christmas, my brother gave us a DVD player - so we junked the VCR. All the tapes were relegated into the basement. For father's day, we replaced the no longer functioning DVD player with a VCR/DVD. We've rescued the tapes (most of which were hand-me-downs from Joe's sister) and JR is entranced. Tonight, while looking for Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham, I happened upon the tape of JR at 6 weeks old that we received from the adoption agency. So we all watched it. JR was fascinated by his baby self. He seemed to take in stride the fact that the pictures were from the Baby House and that he was held by Dr. Irina, but he kept asking where we were.

Coincidentally, at the daycare this afternoon one of his teachers was asking me how old he was when he came home and whether we talked about the adoption with him and whether he had any memories. My guess is that he has no independent memories of the Baby House, and that all he "knows" is crafted from the little bits of information he's gleaned from us.

It was fascinating, though, to see him again at 6 weeks old, before we knew him, and to see in that tiny baby the beautiful boy he has become.

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