Friday, July 22, 2005

Swim Club Days

This summer we joined a swim club. Not that there isn't a public pool 2 blocks from our house, but somehow we never seemed to get our act together to wander over there. But this is a real swim club, with multiple pools (toddler pool, regular pool, dive pool, lap pool) and barbecues for grilling and a basketball court and locker rooms. We even have our own lockers, with our own locks.

I confess, I'm not much of a swimmer. I never did get the hang of blowing bubbles out of my nose and still prefer doggy paddle to the crawl. But I can tread water with the best of them and I just love the whole idea of being a swim club mom. You know, the mom who spends her summer days carting sandwiches, towels, changes of clothing and kids to the pool. The mom who carries that paperback in her tote bag that never actually gets read because someone has to watch the little one learn to blow bubbles with his nose.

Well, okay, I only get to be a swim club mom on Fridays (the rest of the week I'm just your average working mom, juggling lunchboxes, dinner, laundry, and "important meetings"). But oh, these summer Fridays. Well, at least this one summer Friday. Sunshine. The swim club. Watching the joy on JR's face as he figures out how to submerge his head in the water. Burning the h*** out of my back because 3-year-olds just can't really master the art of putting sunscreen on mommy's back.

Swim club days.

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