Monday, July 25, 2005

Alpha Mom?

A friend sent a link to a news story about the new cable channel Alpha Mom (allegedly on Comcast, but thankfully not part of my Comcast subscription). What have we come to? Motherhood as competitive sport? Why would any self-respecting mother aspire to "Alpha-ness"? Have we lost complete sight of what we're doing here?

We're raising children! This is not a business challenge. We're not shooting for maximum profitability and shareholder return. Are we?

Sorry, the whole idea that a woman can give birth and then spend all of her time (20+ hours per day, apparently) studying how to be the best mother possible, while her household help (a nanny, a babysitter, even an "Alpha Mom intern") care for the baby just boggles my mind.

What's the opposite of an Alpha Mom? I think I'll aspire to be the Omega Mom, myself.