Sunday, April 10, 2005

Once upon a time there was a little boy named JR, who lived in a big tall house in the city with his mommy and his daddy, who loved him so. Today, when JR woke up, it was a beautiful day. JR and Mommy went downstairs and did his breathing machine. They then ate a nice breakfast of cereal and orange juice. By then, Daddy was awake, looking for his coffee. JR and Daddy watched some TV while Mom got dressed and ready for church. Then Daddy and JR got dressed and ready for church. Daddy took a bit too long, though, so by the time he was dressed and ready, it was too late to go to 10:00 a.m. mass. By then, Mommy and JR were outside anyway, enjoying the day. Mommy suggested they go somewhere to enjoy the nice weather before church. JR suggested "THE ZOO!" Mommy and Daddy had other ideas, but JR was determined. "THE ZOO!"

So the family went to the Zoo, along with everyone else in the big city. They were in such a hurry, they didn't even bring JR's stroller. JR said he would be a big boy and walk, which he mostly did, except when he couldn't, and then Mommy would carry him, or Daddy would carry him (and then JR would ask Mommy to carry him again).

While in the Monkey House, JR saw his neighbor and school friend Evyn, who was there with her Mommy, Auntie and Uncle. This was funny, because the last time JR went to the Zoo, he had run into his other neighbor and school friend while in the Monkey House. What is it about the Monkey House, Mommy wanted to know.

JR and his friend didn't spend much time together, though, as Evyn wanted to see "MORE MONKEYS, MORE MONKEYS!" and JR wanted a hot dog. The hot dogs were yummy, even if it did take Daddy too long in line and Mommy and JR had trouble finding a table to sit at.

Next stop was the petting zoo, where JR got to feed the ducks, go on his first pony ride, and brush the goats and sheep. He also got to wash his hands with soap and lots of water and splashing.

First Pony Ride

JR and Mommy and Daddy had a great time at the Zoo, and didn't even really miss not going to church.

The end.

(As told to JR at the end of his day Sunday)

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