Sunday, March 21, 2010

Best Friends

JR has a buddy Z. They started at the same preschool when they were
18 months old (Z is 2 months older, so he was at the preschool when
JR arrived). JR used to come home and tell me "Mommy, Z loves me
and I love Z." Z left the year before kindergarten to do a pre-K
year at the private school where his mom worked. Kindergarten arrived,
and JR rejoined Z at that private school. Being a progressive
school, they are attuned to things like friendships and so JR and Z
were placed together in kindergarten. The teachers opted to keep them
together when they moved into first and second grade. They were on the
same soccer team this fall. They play in the same baseball league (not
on the same team). Although JR has gained many new friends at his
school, Z is always the #1 friend.

We learned this weekend that Z's mom's contract was not renewed at
the school for the fall, so she and her 2 boys will be leaving. The
boys will be going to their neighborhood public school - which is an
excellent school. People lie about their addresses to get their kids
into this school. They live in the neighborhood adjoining our old
neighborhood. Of course, JR and Z will still see each other.

Z's parents broke the news to their boys today and Z's response
was "I need to tell JR." They spoke on the phone this evening.
JR took it very hard. The call was cut short because both families
were on the road at the time. Z called JR when they both got home
and JR was too upset to talk to him. He cried like his heart was
broken. He cried until I was in tears. He cried himself to sleep.

I feel so bad for my little guy.

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