Saturday, November 15, 2008

Finding the Old in the New

JR and I spent the afternoon at the brand new Please Touch Museum - which has moved from a cramped building in town out to the marvelous Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park. We loved it. It was nice to see the new exhibits while reconnecting with some old favorites (the elephant made from toys, the croquet flamingos). I missed the Maurice Sendak exhibits, but was pleased to see Max's boat is still there - newly christened the S.S. Tom Beckett - which brought a tear to my eye. I had just been thinking to myself how sad it is that Tom did not survive to see the new museum after his years as carpenter / exhibit designer at the old museum.

We were also touched to see the artwork by JR's buddy Z's grandfather. Another local artist who did not live to see his artwork in the new space.

JR was happy to run into an old friend (EH, from the same babyhouse in Kazakhstan), a classmate, and another boy who JR said is "new" at his school.

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