Monday, June 25, 2007

Out of this World Graduate


One of the reasons it has never been hard to leave JR and go off to work is that he spends his day at a wonderful preschool with the most creative teachers. On Thursday, he graduated along with 10 other classmates. The teachers, as they do every year, made the graduation hats. This year, though, they totally outdid themselves. Each child was outfitted in a hat that represented his or her favorite thing. So one child's hat was a pirate captain hat, another a shark, a horse, a lion, a butterfly, a spider, a tennis court and a baseball diamond (complete with balls that dangled off the court), a Seattle Seahawks helmet, the Coliseum (burning while Nero fiddled), and for JR, my boy who loves outer space and rockets, the entire solar system. The hats were awesome. The graduates were adorable. The parents were proud and the teachers - I can only hope that the rest of the teachers that JR has in his school life are half as creative, dedicated, and nurturing as Esther, Heather, Kate, Gina and Christina have been this year.
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