Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sick Day

Today was the best kind of "sick" day. JR and I were home from preschool because he had a mysterious rash and low grade fever that signalled "contagious to other kids" but did not affect his activity level. Moreover, it is truly spring here, so we took advantage of the weather and spent time out of doors.

We were able to do some gardening (indoors and out), a craft project, play with clay, eat lunch at the brand new coffeehouse on our corner, take the bus (to the doctor), eat gelato outside at our favorite local cafe, and generally just spend time, the two of us.

I know why I am a WOHM and I rarely spend time secondguessing that choice. But today was such a rare jewel of a day. So do I console myself by reflecting on the fact that if I were a SAHM and this was not such a rare occasion, but was instead the usual configuration of our days, the chance to spend this isolated, uninterrupted time with JR would become tedious rather than extraordinary?

Tomorrow he gets to spend the day with Dad. I can't say that I'm not jealous.

One moment during the day that I do regret: I should not have used my cellphone on the crowded bus to tell my friend that the doctor had just diagnosed JR with strep and scarlet fever. The woman next to me visibly shrank away from us by about 6 inches.

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