Friday, October 06, 2006

Music Class

JR has started a weekly toddler's music class at a local music school. I was worried about this, given his prior reluctance to join tumbling class and his general aversion to new situations. I was also nervous because despite his father's best efforts, JR has seemed disinterested in music. Baseball ... soccer ... miniature golf ... he is passionate about sports. But music ... eh.

But his preschool has hired a phenomenal young woman as a part-time music teacher and for the first 2 weeks of school, all we heard was "Gina this" and "Gina that." Three of his buddies had also signed up for the same music class. So I was cautiously optimistic.

JR loves music class. Loves, loves, loves it. So about 5 days after the first class we happened to drive past the building. "Look JR," I said. "That's where you go to music class."
"Mom, I've been meaning to ask you about that. I thought we were going to go to music class every day."

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