Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Balloon Guy

Our neighborhood has a "balloon guy." For a very reasonable price, one can hire him to make fabulous, whimsical balloon animals at events, birthday parties, picnics, anyplace where little ones congregate.
This week we had a small fundraiser for our local library. We gathered everyone in the park, provided donated food from local vendors, asked a local band with kid-friendly music to play, and, in what turned out to be a moment of sheer inspiration, my husband suggested hiring the balloon guy.

I learned three things.
First, no matter how imaginative the balloon guy's creations are (monkeys climbing palm trees, penguins, kangaroos with babies in their pouch), as soon as the first kid asks for a laser gun or sword, all kids want a laser gun or sword (usually both).

Second, no matter how active the child, no matter how short the attention span, kids will gladly stand patiently around the balloon guy for upwards of thirty minutes waiting for their turn to get a balloon laser gun or sword.

Third, no matter how talented the balloon guy at making swords and speaking "pirate speak", he cannot make a pirate hat complete with skull and crossbones.

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